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Retaining Walls & Landscaping
Exposed Aggregate Driveway

Exposed aggregate concrete from Lafarge.  Concrete is poured, screed boarded flat and hand wiped.  100% non-hazardous surface retarder applied, surface scrubbed and washed to remove surface material to expose the perfect amount of pebbled surface. High gloss sealer applied to protect  and provide shine.

Premium 32 mpa duramix concrete from Lafarge. Concrete is poured, screed boarded flat, hand wiped and finished with a light broom stroke to give additional traction for icey winters.  Lines are cut using a motorized diamond blade saw and finished with a protective sealer.

Regular Broom-Finish Driveway
Garage Pads

Premium Artevia® 32 mpa duramix concrete from Lafarge with concrete dye mixed throughout to ensure even colouring.  Lafarge offers several different colours and shades of concrete.  Click here to see Artevia® colour options.

Coloured Driveway


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